A fast and easy sauce that everyone loves, from the small child to the oldest in the room. Next time, be the success of the family gathering!

In the making

AESA Cooking Academy

Spicy Dishes

AESA Student MEXPRO Chilli Dish

Goes well with a beer

Craft Beer Harvest Festival by Letra

Spicy Dishes

AESA Student MEXPRO Chilli Dish

We don't forget how we start

First MEXPRO Client - Un Poco Loco Restaurant

Michelin Star Dishes

100 Maneiras Restaurant Dish: The Shape of Water with MEXPRO Chillies

Mexican Culture

Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in Mexico

Spicy Dishes

AESA Student MEXPRO Chilli Dish

What drives us

Social Responsibility

In our daily operations, businesses should be concerned about the welfare of society and mindful of how its actions could affect society as a whole. Individual ethics, such as integrity and honesty build what we call our “golden rule”: treat others how you wish to be treated. Therefore we aim to always empower everyone, from workers to collaborators.

Sustainable Agriculture

At MEXPRO, we worry about the full range of farms and firms and their successive coordinated value-adding activities that produce particular raw agricultural materials and transform them into particular food products that are sold to final consumers and disposed of after use, in a manner that is profitable throughout, has broad-based benefits for society and does not permanently deplete natural resources.

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